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Trade union organization building

Trade union organization building

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(Summary description)1. The nature of the trade union: The Chinese trade union is a mass organization of the working class that is a voluntary union of employees, and is a member and employee.

Trade union organization building

(Summary description)1. The nature of the trade union: The Chinese trade union is a mass organization of the working class that is a voluntary union of employees, and is a member and employee.

  • Categories:Union
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  • Time of issue:2018-05-07
  • Views:212

1. The nature of the trade union: The Chinese trade union is a mass organization of the working class that is a voluntary union of employees, and is a member and employee.

  2. The role of trade unions: safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees; promote the healthy development of enterprises and institutions; promote social harmony and stability.

  3. Basis for the establishment of a trade union organization: According to the "Trade Union Law" and the "Articles of Trade Unions of China", all types of ownership enterprises, institutions and government agencies shall establish trade union organizations in accordance with the law.

4. The time limit for the formation of a grassroots trade union. According to the "Measures for the Implementation of the Trade Union Law of Shandong Province" and relevant documents of the Municipal Party Committee, enterprises, institutions, and government agencies of various ownerships must prepare for the establishment of a trade union at the same time as they register or start operations. A labor union will be established within half a year of opening.

  5. Procedures for union formation:

   Membership development→→Go to the higher-level trade union organization and publicity department to obtain relevant materials and develop employees to join the union. Where

  ↓ All employees whose wage income is the main source of income can join the association, except for retired employees.

  Election of the two committees→→Convene a general meeting of members (less than 100 employees) or a representative meeting of members (100

  ↓ More than people, the representative ratio is 10%-25%, generally no less than 30 people), democratic

  ↓ Election of the trade union committee (5--9 persons) and the fund review committee (3 or 5 persons);

   Election of cadres→→The trade union committee convenes a plenary meeting to elect the trade union chairman, vice chairman and female worker

  ↓ Appointment, and division of work of committee members; Expenditure Review Committee convenes a plenary meeting to elect

  ↓ Director of the review committee. The above union cadres can also be directly elected by members.

  Report the results→→Report the election results to the higher-level trade union organization publicity department in the form of official documents.


  Go through the procedures→→After the superior trade union approves, apply for the corporate legal person certificate, issue membership cards, engrave trade union and trade union financial seals, establish trade union accounts, and carry out trade union work.

6. The main form of the establishment of the association: if there are more than 8 employees, the association can be established alone; if there are less than 8 employees, the association can be established alone, or two or more units can jointly establish the association, or directly apply to join the corresponding association At the meeting, elect a trade union director or trade union team leader to preside over the work of the trade union.

  7. Union funds and dues: The grassroots trade unions draw 2% of the total wages of the employees, 40% of which will be dismissed from the superior trade union and 60% will be retained. Grassroots trade unions may collect membership dues at 5‰ of the total monthly wages to use for union work.

   8. Payment of the preparatory fund for the establishment of the association: Units that have not established a trade union organization shall collect the preparatory fund for the establishment of the association according to 2% of the total wages of the employees.

   9. The main work of the basic-level trade unions:

  ① Organize and represent employees to participate in the democratic management of the unit, and regularly hold employee (representative) meetings;

  ②Sign a collective contract with the unit administration on behalf of the employees and carry out collective negotiation on wages;

  ③ Organize employees to carry out activities such as pioneering and striving for excellence, labor competition and job construction;

  ④ Carry out assistance work in need, actively help needy employees, apply for supplementary medical insurance for union members' love and mutual assistance, and carry out member preferential service activities;

  ⑤ Carry out cultural and sports activities, organize employee training, etc.


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November 11th is the 32nd birthday of Guangwei Group. On this occasion, in early November, the Party Committee of Weihai Guangwei Group organized an education and training course on the Jinggangshan spirit theme of "Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission." The entire training process, although only a short period of five days, allowed each participant to receive a profound Jinggangshan spiritual baptism.
On the morning of October 26, the Party Committee of Guangwei Group held a party membership meeting with the theme of "Don’t forget your original heart and remember your mission". Wang Bingzhuang, professor of political science at the Party School of Weihai Municipal Party Committee and deputy director of the Science and Social Education and Research Department
Since the fall of summer, the temperature has continued to rise. In order to fulfill every order with high quality and quantity, Guangwei people are still fighting at their jobs and production is in full swing. The leadership of the group also always puts the focus of attention on the interests of employees. In the hot weather, the employees are provided with watermelon, ice cream, mung bean soup and other heat-relieving products every day, so that the employees can work in the cool summer.
At about 18:00 on July 27, the award ceremony of Guangwei Group's 2019 Employee Technology Innovation Competition, which was guided by the Weihai High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions, and co-sponsored by the Guangwei Group Party Committee and the Guangwei Group Trade Union Federation, was grandly held in the group company.
In order to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and to inspire the majority of party members to keep their original intentions and keep their mission in mind, on June 30, the Guangwei Group Party Committee organized more than 80 outstanding party members and party members and cadres of the group to go to Jiaodong (Weihai) party spirit education The Liugong Island teaching site carried out the party spirit education activities on the theme of Liugong Island’s patriotism "Don’t forget the original heart and move forward", and revisited the party oath to actively lead the masses of party members and cadres to remember history, follow the footprints of ancestors, never forget the original mission, and be courageous. Take responsibility and actively contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Working Women’s Day, in order to invigorate the festive atmosphere and enrich the amateur life of the majority of female employees, the Guangwei Group Trade Union Federation held a series of cultural and sports activities in the Xihai Workers’ Living Area on the morning of March 8. Competition activities, celebrating the festive season with female employees.
On January 22, 2019, Chi Weijie, chairman of the group's labor union and deputy general manager of Guangwei Outdoor, and a group of 3 people came to the home of Wang Shuaishuai, an employee of Liangmei Zhongpu Wheel Factory, and sent cordial condolences on behalf of the company’s leaders. The love money of more than 16,000 yuan filled with the best wishes of all Guangwei people was transferred to Wang Shuaishuai's wife, hoping that his family will recover soon and get out of the current difficulties.
At 10 o'clock this morning, a meeting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was held in the Great Hall of the People. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission attended the conference and delivered important speeches. Looking back on the 40-year history of reform and opening up, Xi Jinping made a high-level summary. 8 numbers will help you learn quickly!
In order to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party, inherit the red culture, promote patriotism, give play to the role of party members as a pioneer, and actively implement the spirit of "not forgetting the original heart and keeping in mind the mission", the party committee of Guangwei Group Co., Ltd. organized 200 party members to visit the national rejuvenation base Educational activities allow every party member participating in the event to accept the baptism of revolution, deepen patriotism, and strengthen ideals and beliefs. The event was divided into three batches. On July 3, the first group of party members went to the Tianfu Mountain Uprising Memorial Hall and Liugong Island to visit and study.
In order to further enhance the awareness of rights protection of trade union cadres and let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the "Trade Union Law" and trade union-related work, at 2:00 pm on June 22, the "Weihai Federation of Trade Unions will send the law into the enterprise-Guangwei Group" training , Held in the auditorium on the fourth floor of the group. The training was explained by Gao Yuntao, president of the Weihai Labor Relations Arbitration Institute, Gao Fan, director of the Weihai Federation of Trade Unions Labor Relations Coordination Center, Sun Qinghua, Chairman of the High District Federation of Trade Unions, and general manager of Guangwei Group , Party Secretary Deng Xiangyang, and more than 70 cadres from various branches of the group's trade union participated in the training.
On May 18, 2018, on the eve of the National Day for the Disabled, the trade union of the group still organized the theme activity of “Focus on Special Groups and Dedication to the Disabled”.
December 13th is the National Memorial Day for the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre. In the morning, party and state leaders attended the National Memorial Ceremony at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.
The sultry Weihai finally ushered in the refreshing after continuous rainfall, and at this time, in the Guangwei Outdoor Industrial Park, the "skill operation" contest of various processes is in full swing.
On the occasion of the 108th International Working Women's Day, the company's trade union organized a celebration event with the theme of "Women's Charm Blooming" on March 8, 2018 to welcome the arrival of Women's Day.
On May 21st National Day for the Disabled, under the leadership and advocacy of the group’s party committee and labor union, the company held an event with the theme of “caring for the disabled and giving a love”. Su Yi, general manager of Guangwei Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the speech In addition, rice cookers and silk quilts were provided to 222 disabled employees.


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