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Party Building Guide
Seeking the essence of the spirit of the craftsman
  The "skill operation" has set up a big platform for the staff to show talent, exchange skills and grow and progress, and it has played a good role in promoting the development of the enterprise.
The glamour of the talent show in March
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2018-05-07 11:09
  In daily work, they are masters of production and management in Guang Wei workshop. They are still beautiful women in their activities.
Interpretation of the ninth stage trade union members' mutual aid and supplementary medical insurance policy in Weihai
  1. Safeguard the main contents of the project   1. Retired personnel, retirees and persons who have long been off the post (long term leave is not allowed to take part in the medical period accordi
Regulations on collective wage consultation of enterprises in Shandong
  Adopted at the twenty-fourth session of the Standing Committee of the twelfth Shandong Provincial People's Congress on November 26, 2016   Chapter I General rules   Article 1 in order to standardi
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