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Transparent Factory Affairs
Helping the Poor, Giving Love
  The loving donation embodies the affectionateness and sincerest wishes of Guangwei people. The reality once again proves that our Guangwei people are selfless and caring.
2018-05-03 17:18
Vice Governor Wang Suilian and his entourage visited Guangwei Group
  Mayor Zhang Hui (front left) and District Party Working Committee Party Secretary Liu Shuwei (front right) accompanied the inspection
2018-05-03 17:16
Bank President Wang Xifeng and his party visited Guangwei Group
  President Wang expressed his appreciation for the development of the Group’s new materials and was optimistic about the development prospects of Guangwei’s new carbon fiber materials in the field of
2018-05-03 17:14
God helps those who help themselves, Guangwei People Achieve Glory through 30 Years of Efforts
  Over the past 30 years, we have joined hand sincerely, cooperated closely, cultivated carefully, and helped each other. At the beginning of a new year, we’d like to, with a grateful heart, express o
2018-05-03 17:13
The activity and talent show the heroine
  Tug of war   In daily work, they are the experts in the production and management of the workshop, and the heroine in the activity is still. They are our sonorous roses.
2018-05-03 17:12
The sonorous rose, another kind of beauty blooming
He went into the fishing rod factory in 1988, and engaged in the work of the painting, assembly, quality inspection, workshop management and warehouse management. Since 2009, he has been the director
2018-05-03 17:03
As far away as years to be remembered
As far away as years to be remembered   The recalling meeting of Mr. Chen Guangwei, founder of Guang Wei Group, was held in Weihai.   In May 26th, Mr. Chen Guangwei, founder of Guang Wei Group, held
2018-05-03 17:01
Seeking the essence of the spirit of the craftsman
  The "skill operation" has set up a big platform for the staff to show talent, exchange skills and grow and progress, and it has played a good role in promoting the development of the enterprise.
2018-05-03 16:56
The eighth "Guang Wei Fishing King Cup" national fishing tournament finals concluded successfully in Weihai.
During the competition, Guang Wei Group also organized the domestic sales agent association, Guang Xing Dealers Association and Guang Wei outdoor key supplier cooperation meeting. The participants als
2018-05-03 16:54
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