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Responsibilities of the union financial management system

Responsibilities of the union financial management system

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(Summary description) Article 1. Cash income must be credited to the account on the same day and deposited in the bank on the same day. Embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds are strictly prohibited, and private "small vaults" are strictly prohibited.

Responsibilities of the union financial management system

(Summary description) Article 1. Cash income must be credited to the account on the same day and deposited in the bank on the same day. Embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds are strictly prohibited, and private "small vaults" are strictly prohibited.

  • Categories:Union
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  • Time of issue:2018-05-07
  • Views:747

Chapter 1 Trade Union Cash and Bank Check Management System

   Article 1. Cash income must be credited to the account on the same day and deposited in the bank on the same day. Embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds are strictly prohibited, and private "small vaults" are strictly prohibited.

Article 2. Cash from cashiers should be stored in special counters, and must not be mixed with personal funds, and must not exceed the cash inventory limit approved by the bank, and must not "seize" cash or "white strips" to arrive in the treasury. The financial staff of the superior trade union has the right to the cash inventory checking.

  Article 3. It is not allowed to deposit cash income in a bank in the form of personal savings, it is not allowed to borrow cash between units, and it is not allowed to use accounts to withdraw cash for other units or individuals.

Article 4. Cash payment must be within the scope of use specified in the State Council’s "Interim Regulations on Cash Management". Sporadic expenses below the starting point of the transfer amount (1000 yuan) can be paid in cash, and for expenses exceeding the starting point of the transfer amount, transfer cheques are used in this urban area. Settlement, settlement by bank mail, wire transfer or bank draft in other areas.

  Article 5, the time, purpose and limit of the blank check must be filled in, and the application approval and registration procedures must be completed. After the check is issued, the reimbursement procedure should be handled with the finance within five days.

  Article 6, No bad cheques or post-dated checks shall be issued, false purposes shall not be filled in, cheques shall not be handed over to the sales unit for issuance, and bank accounts shall not be leased or loaned out.

   Article 7: A separate management system for money and accounts shall be implemented. Non-cashers shall not be in charge of cash receipt and payment services and cash custody services. Cashiers shall not be in charge of auditing, custody of accounting files and the registration of income, expenses, claims and debts.

   Article 8. The safekeeping of cash and bank checks must be done. If a blank cheque with a seal is lost, report the loss to the bank immediately and declare that it is invalid.

   Article 9: Make bank deposit reconciliations and balance reconciliation tables on a regular basis, and clean up outstanding accounts in a timely manner.

   Chapter 2 Labor Union Collection Receipt Management System

   Article 10, the accountant shall be responsible for the purchase, storage, registration, payment, and inspection of the receipt. A special register should be set up to truthfully purchase, use, and keep records.

Article 11 The receipts used by the cashier shall be obtained from the accountant. The accountant shall indicate the date of receipt, the receipt number and the number in the special register, and the cashier shall sign the receipt in the “receiving column” and keep it well. .

   Article 12, it is strictly forbidden to purchase, borrow, open, set open, or tear up the receipt without authorization.

Article 13: When filling out the receipt, the entire copy should be copied in order, the items should be filled in completely, the handwriting should be clear, no alteration or use beyond the face limit, no dismantling of the copy and dispersing use, invalid receipts must be kept in full and marked The words "Voided" shall not be destroyed privately.

  Article 14. When the cashier receives cash or bank transfer, it shall stamp the “cash receipt” or the “account receipt” seal on the “stub page” when issuing the receipt.

   Article 15. The cashier must clean up the use of receipts at the end of each month; when the work of the receipt recipient changes, he must take back all the receipts he has received for verification and write-off.

   Article 16. The entire used up receipt shall be promptly submitted to the accountant for review and cancellation;

   Article 17. If a blank receipt with a seal is lost, it shall be reported to the leader in time, and a report shall be declared invalid.

  Article 18, the storage period of the receipt stubs is five years, and after the expiration, it will be destroyed in accordance with the accounting file management regulations. Chapter III The Trade Union Property Management System

   1. The scope of property management

  1. Fixed assets: The unit price of general equipment is more than 500 yuan, the unit price of special equipment is more than 800 yuan, and the service life is more than one year as fixed assets. Although the unit price is less than 500 yuan, a large number of similar properties with a useful life of more than one year should be managed as fixed assets. For property such as self-made, accepting donations and allocation, all those that meet the above conditions should be listed as fixed assets.

  2. Low-value consumables: the unit price is below the starting point of fixed assets, the durable time is more than one year or the unit price is above the starting point of fixed assets, and the durable time is less than one year as low-value consumables.

   2. Property purchase

   1. The purchase of property shall be implemented in accordance with the approved annual budget. Property that is urgently needed without a budget at the beginning of the year shall be supplemented with a budget and submitted to the higher-level trade union for approval before purchase.

  2. The office is responsible for the purchase of property. In principle, there should be more than two persons in the purchase of fixed assets. Shop around to ensure the quality.

   Three, property accounting

  1. The financial establishment of fixed assets detailed accounts and low-value consumables reference books, mainly based on value accounting. Fixed assets are divided into six categories: A, houses and buildings; B, special equipment; C, general equipment; D, cultural relics and displays; E, books; F, other fixed assets.

  2. The property management establishes an account of the physical quantity of property, which is mainly based on the accounting of the physical quantity. Number registration according to the property classification catalog. Grasp the property distribution and changes.

  3. Set up a property registration card, adhere to the principle of "set up the card according to the property, match the property card, and move the card along with the property" to ensure that the account and card are consistent with each other.

   Fourth, property management requirements

   1. All property is managed by a special person designated by the office, and no one is allowed to embezzle or misappropriate trade union property at will.

  2. The property shall be allocated and used by the office according to work needs, and the registration procedures shall be handled. No exchange or movement is allowed.

  3. The use of property shall take care of public property, and shall be liable for compensation for property loss and damage caused by mismanagement or negligence.

  4. The internal transfer, gift, sale, scrap, and loss of property must go through strict approval procedures. The property management department shall declare in writing, fill in the relevant forms, and report to the leader or superior trade union for approval after review and approval before processing.

   5. At the end of the year, the office and financial organization will carry out property inventory and inventory work. For the profit and loss of the property, a "Property Inventory Profit and Loss Table" should be prepared, with a written description, and be processed after being reported to the leader for approval. Chapter IV Trade Union Expenses Reimbursement Management System

1. Implement the "one pen" approval system, and the financial chairman in charge can only approve and sign the reimbursement; to perform the supervision duties stipulated in the "Accounting Law", all expenditures must be reviewed by accountants. The original documents are illegal, incomplete in content, and formalities. If the figures are incomplete or inaccurate, the accountant has the right to refuse reimbursement.

   2. Requirements for reimbursement voucher: (1) The original voucher must be complete. Purchase items must obtain an official invoice, and be stamped with the "Invoice Special Seal" or "Financial Special Seal" of the issuing unit. The business content must be clearly filled out, the product name cannot be general, the upper and lower case amounts must be the same, and there must be no alterations, scratches, etc. (2) The reimbursement attachments must be complete.

3. Reimbursement approval procedures and procedures: (1) The operator fills in the "Union Expenses Reimbursement Form" and signs on the original documents; (2) Sends to the accountant for review; (3) Reports to the chairman for approval; (4) Handles Settlement procedures. Cashiers and settlements must also be reviewed and checked, mainly to check whether the reimbursement voucher has the signature of the handler, accountant and the chairman, and whether there are any omissions in the attached documents.

  The relevant personnel must use a pen to sign, not a ballpoint pen or pencil.

  Trade union financial duties

   1. Responsible for the collection, management, and use of labor union funds throughout the district.

   2. Responsible for preparing and reporting annual budgets and final accounts at the same level, guiding trade unions at all levels in preparing budgets and final accounts, and responsible for the approval of the annual budget of lower-level trade unions.

   3. Responsible for coordinating, communicating and cooperating with the district and local taxation bureaus, improving the tax collection mechanism for union funds, organizing a major financial inspection once a year, ensuring the completion of the annual labor union funding tasks, and doing a good job of financial summary and commendation.

  4. Responsible for the management of union assets, prevent the loss of union assets, and ensure the preservation and appreciation of union assets.

   5. Responsible for the financial quarterly report, daily clearing and monthly settlement, the account is consistent, the actual account is consistent, and the account is consistent.

   6. Responsible for formulating rules and regulations related to financial management, and inspecting and supervising the implementation of related financial systems.

   Seven. Responsible for the professional training of the trade union financial personnel of the whole district.

   8. Responsible for the standardized construction of the finance of the local trade unions at the grassroots level.

   Nine. Responsible for completing the task of solving the funds assigned by the superior trade union.

   10. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


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On May 18, 2018, on the eve of the National Day for the Disabled, the trade union of the group still organized the theme activity of “Focus on Special Groups and Dedication to the Disabled”.
December 13th is the National Memorial Day for the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre. In the morning, party and state leaders attended the National Memorial Ceremony at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders.
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On the occasion of the 108th International Working Women's Day, the company's trade union organized a celebration event with the theme of "Women's Charm Blooming" on March 8, 2018 to welcome the arrival of Women's Day.
On May 21st National Day for the Disabled, under the leadership and advocacy of the group’s party committee and labor union, the company held an event with the theme of “caring for the disabled and giving a love”. Su Yi, general manager of Guangwei Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the speech In addition, rice cookers and silk quilts were provided to 222 disabled employees.


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