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Leader’s Speech

Development Planning and Strategy

Guangwei Group always adheres to the industry-based guiding ideology, implements the concept of deep integration of the military and the people, and formulates the development strategy of “three adheres and one abandon”, that is, adhere to the outdoor business sector, green manufacturing supporting industry sector and composite sector, adjust and abandon the real estate development industry.

Outdoor Equipment Industry

Guangwei Outdoor Series mainly consists of composite outdoor leisure equipment with fishing rod as the main body, precision machinery with fishing reels as the main body, and green eco-friendly animal food with bait and feed as the main body. Guangwei Outdoor Series owns two independent brands Guangwei and Guangxing. The products include fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing baits and other fishing tackle and related accessories. The annual output of fishing rods is 10 million and fishing reels are 6 million. The products are exported to 64 countries and regions in the world and area. Subordinate enterprises mainly include: Weihai Guangwei Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd., Weihai Liangmei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Weihai Guangwei Fishing Rod Co., Ltd., Weihai Guangxing Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. and Weihai Polyurethane Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

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