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Development Planning and Strategy

Guangwei Group always adheres to the industry-based guiding ideology, implements the concept of deep integration of the military and the people, and formulates the development strategy of “three adheres and one abandon”, that is, adhere to the outdoor business sector, green manufacturing supporting industry sector and composite sector, adjust and abandon the real estate development industry.

Composite Industry

In September 2017, Guangwei Composite Co., Ltd. (300699) was successfully listed on the A-share market and entered the capital market. This sector has a full carbon fiber-related industrial chain. The main products include various types of carbon fiber, carbon fiber woven fabric, carbon fiber prepreg, glass fiber prepreg, carbon fiber composite material products and carbon fiber core production equipment. The subsidiary companies of the industry include Weihai Guangwei Composite Materials Co., Ltd., Weihai Guangwei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and Weihai Expansion Fiber Co., Ltd. The composite material sector adheres to the development strategy of five industries, two platforms, and one park


Guang Wei complex

Five major industries: Carbon fiber-based expansion fiber sector, prepregs and fabrics-based general new material sector, wind power and cables-based energy new material sector and aerospace, spacecraft, and rail transit-based composite material sector, Guangwei Precise Machinery Sector with precision machinery and aerospace weapon capsules as the main body; two platforms: National Carbon Fiber Engineering Laboratory and National Enterprise Technology Center; One Park: Relying on the Carbon Fiber Industrial Park to set up a carbon fiber industry incubation park, develop, incubate and absorb cutting-edge technologies, products and talents in the field of carbon fiber and its composite products.